Tactical Avenues is a tactical training organization comprised of full-time tactical operators (Current SWAT Team Leaders - Los Angeles), investigative and security professionals, who are driven to provide law enforcement, military, and qualified security personnel the most comprehensive and effective training available. Everyone of our instructors are leaders in their fields of expertise.

What sets Tactical Avenues apart from other training companies is that our training is based on real world scenarios that our instructors face each and everyday in the field. Our optimal training environment is geared for the student's maximum learning retention, as we only advance at a pace suitable for actual learning to take place.

We are committed to those in the Tactical, Investigative, and Security community who risk their lives to protect human life and apprehend criminal offenders.

If you are interested in becoming a:

  • SWAT Operator
  • Police Officer
  • Security Personnel/Executive Protection Specialist

Our courses will get you prepared for your career in Law Enforcement and the security industry.

Certificate of Training

A Tactical Avenues Certificate of Training will be issued to all students that successfully complete a Tactical Avenues course. All Tactical Avenues instructors will provide references to prospective student employers.

Featured Instructor: Don Anderson Sr.Tactical Training Instructor

Donnie was a police officer in Los Angeles for 33 years with 28 years assigned to SWAT and 20 years as a SWAT Team Leader. Donnie was one of the pioneers of SWAT and is considered a foremost expert on special weapons and tactics. Donnie has instructed and trained with such elite units as DELTA FORCE, NAVY SEALS, MARINE S.O.T.G., and S.E.K. Donnie is a Medal of Valor recipient.

Donnie is a Certified FBI, Law Enforcement and Military Range Master. Don is also a law enforcement and military simunition range master and scenario instructor as well as a tactical training instructor with Tactical Avenues. Appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to the private security disciplinary review committee, department of consumer affairs.

For Don Anderson's Resume: Click Here


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