Corporate Team Building

Course Description: This course is designed to develop high performance strategic alignment through various real world combat scenarios. Our mission is to build your team into a cohesive unit, driven to meet and exceed your organizations goals. We place specific emphasis on communication, command and control, response management, critical thinking, and conflict resolution. Participants will receive training in various weapon systems and defensive tactics all from our instructor cadre who are all current police officers in Los Angeles assigned to SWAT.

Equipment needed

  • Cleaned and Oiled Pistol Semi-Auto or Revolver
  • Duty Belt and Holster with Ammo Pouch
  • 200 Rounds of Factory Ammo
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Long sleeve heavy clothing and gloves for Simunitions, Protective gear will be provided by instructors.
  • Simuntion guns will be provided for force on force.
  • Proper Range Attire



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