Motion Picture Services

Law Enforcement and Military Technical Advisors has a tremendous responsibility. Their obligation to Producers requires them to accurately represent Military and Law Enforcement Personnel in the most accurate and precise level possible.

Throughout America and across the globe, millions have served in Law Enforcement and Military Units, or, have families who are members in these communities that scrutinize accuracy. True representation of these professionals will bring realism, depth, and insight to films and television shows which goes far beyond theater.

Our Technical Advisors can support, Writers, Directors and Producers evaluate scripts and provide mentorship and training to your actors and stuntmen. This would include not only content, but numbers of people, wardrobe worn, props utilized, types of vehicles present etc. for each scene of your project.

Our work indicates, our Law Enforcement professionals are on the cutting edge when it comes to accurately representing the use and misuse of force, post traumatic stress disorder, conflicts between members of a unit, and issues of Judicial Justice. Our Technical Advisors will also help you accurately represent the highest levels of leadership, heroism, camaraderie, public service, and self-sacrifice.

We also bring to the table an immense amount of training expertise that was taught and tried with personal experience both on the battlefield, and on the streets. We are available at the absolute lowest prices anywhere.

  • SWAT Operations
  • Firearms Training
    (Handgun, Shotgun,
    Sniper Rifle, Sub-Machine Gun)
  • Urban Climbing/Tactical Rappel
  • Helicopter Operations
    (Fast Rope, Repel, Airborne Firearms)
  • Mounted Police Operations
  • Advanced Horsemanship
  • All Conventional Police Operations
  • SWAT Sniper & Observer
  • Team Leader Development
  • Airborne Operations

Some of our team members past projects:

  • Heat
  • Jade
  • Extreme Measures
  • Terminator 2
  • Seven
  • Collateral
  • Combat Missions
  • Monk
  • Capital One
  • Fast and the Furious
  • The Closer
  • Southland
  • Swordfish
  • SWAT The Movie

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