Don Anderson

Provide training to law enforcement, security and military personnel.

33 years police officer - Los Angeles.
28 years special weapons and tactics unit (SWAT), as a scout and team leader.
Provided plans for the security of heads of stats and other dignitaries including the U.S. president and vice president.
Developed and executed plans for a apprehension of barricaded suspects and the safe rescue of hostages.
Developed plans and carried out service of high risk narcotic and homicide warrants.
Was one of the primary participants in the symbionese liberation army (SLA) shoot-out and the north Hollywood Bank of America Shoot-out.

Lead instructor special weapons and tactics team(SWAT) - Los Angeles, international association of chiefs of police(IACP) and the national tactical
officers association(NTOA).

Instructor for the law enforcement and military tactical teams(DELTA FORCE, NAVY SEALS, MARINE S.O.T.G, S.E.K.)
from around the world in basic/advanced swat tactics, hostage rescue, barricaded suspects, covert entries, rapid/emergency deployment, high risk warrant service, firearms, executive and dignitary protection.

Certified simunations instructor.
Certified FBI/Law Enforcement/Military Range Master
Certified OC (pepper spray) instructor.

Develop and implement security plans for all major award shows, (BET, AFI, ESPY, American Idol, etc.) Held at various locations including the Hollywood and Highland complex.
Develop courses and train security officers in the use of force policy, handcuffing, use of pepper spray, officer survival, patrol tactics, making a legal arrest and various courses mandated buy BSIS including firearms training.

Appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to the private security disciplinary review committee, department of consumer affairs.


Police Medal of Valor - Los Angeles
1998 National Top Cop Award
1991 SWAT Officer of the Year Award
1997 SWAT Officer of the Year Award
1999 Metropolitan Officer of the Year Award
1997 National Tactical Officers Association Valor Award
Police Commission Unit Citation (SLA shoot-out)
Police Unit Citation (service of high risk warrants)
Police Commission Unit Citation (service of high risk warrants)
Police Commission Unit Citation (North Hollywood bank shoot-out)


University of California Techniques of Teaching Course
Attended over 50 post certified schools.


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