Wilson Wong


SWAT TEAM LEADER (2007 to Present)
- Police Officer - Los Angeles

(Work Permit on File)

SWAT TEAM LEADER Responsibilities:
Senior SWAT Officer who has been selected to command the entry team on all high risk situations. Generally formulates all tactical plans that are initiated in response to Barricaded subjects, Hostage Rescue & High Risk Warrants. Team Leaders provide instruction for all SWAT Officers regarding the different SWAT disciplines. Disciplines that include Entry Tactics, Snipers, Breaching techniques (includes explosives), Climbing/Rappelling & all SWAT Weapons.
SWAT TEAM ELEMENT MEMBER (1996-2007):   An Officer trained in the use of special weapons and tactics who is utilized in various capacities which include:
Building entry
Barricaded Suspect Deployment
Hostage Rescue
Sniper Deployments
Delivery of chemical agents
High Risk Suspect Apprehension
High Risk Warrants
Dignitary Protection
Explosive Breaching
Climbing Rappelling
Tactical Waterborne Deployment (Divers)

Police Officer (1985 to Present-26 Years)
Various field assignments that include:
Gang Suppression
Vice (Undercover Officer)

Instructor Development Course – Police Officer - Los Angeles (IDC)
Received department certification regarding instructor development which is mandated when instructing all members of the police department in Los Angeles that includes SWAT Officers.
SWAT School Instructor
Senior instructor who trains ALL new SWAT Officers during three month basic SWAT school. 
Firearms Instructor
Handgun, shotgun & rifle instructor (Includes SWAT Weapons)
Instructed and trained with such elite units as DELTA FORCE, NAVY SEALS, MARINE S.O.T.G., S.E.K.

Weapons of Mass Destruction(Center for Domestic Preparedness) Instructor
Department of Homeland Security Law Enforcement Response Actions/Protective 
Measures.  Certified to teach federal curriculum throughout to the police department in Los Angeles and police officers throughout the United States.


Three years college education (approx 75 units) University of Hawaii, California Polytechnic University at Pomona and Mount San Antonio College.


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