Sniper/Observer Course

Tactical Avenues is offering a Basic Sniper School, 5 days - 40+ hours.

Subjects covered:

  • Rifle set-up/100 yard zero
  • Data book usage
  • Understanding Basic Ballistics
  • Known Distance 25-600+ yards
  • Unknown Distances (UKD)
  • MOA/MILS shooting
  • Unconventional Shooting Positions (Slings, Bi-Pods, etc.)
  • Sniper Deployments (Law Enforcement specific)
  • Command Drills
  • Advanced Marksmanship Drills
  • Range Estimation
  • Effects of Weather (Wind Adjustments)
  • Acute Angles
  • Shooting thru Intermediate Barriers
  • Range Cards

Description: This is a 5 day 40+hour basic sniper course that will introduce an educational and practical operator foundation. The school will focus on Sniper Deployments, Observation, Reporting, Range Estimation, Known Distance, UKD, Marksmanship Skills (Cold Bore Emphasis), Command Fire, Unconventional Shooting Position and Movers.

Equipment: Sniper rifle (.308 recommended) with quality scope, Rifle sling, binoculars and or spotting scope, drag bag, 500 rounds of match grade ammo, Data Book, Cleaning gear, eye and ear protection, flashlight, BDU’s, cold/wet weather gear (seasonal), boonie cap or covers, tac-rig, sun screen, insect repellant, food and water.

Instructor(s): Current SWAT Snipers (Los Angeles)
5-Day Course Fee: $425.00 Call for Private Instruction rates.


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