Barricaded Subjects/Stealth Entry

Law Enforcement/Military Only

This program will teach movement techniques used by SWAT teams in common situations and environments. This is an excellent opportunity for entire SWAT teams to learn and practice as a unit, and to develop organizational SOPs.
Course content includes:

  • Two person/multi-team entry techniques
  • Sniper initiated/covered movement
  • SWAT movement in hallways
  • Reacting to open/closed doors
  • Movement through hallway intersections
  • Moving up/down staircases
  • Controlling/utilizing elevators
  • Methodical clearing techniques
  • Use of mirrors and cameras
  • Moving/clearing from one building to another

Armed suspects who barricade themselves pose an extreme danger to the community. They are a special tactical problem for police. The actions of the first officers on the scene can make the difference in whether or not a suspect is taken into custody without escalation of an already difficult situation.

Barricaded suspect incidents often go beyond the capabilities of patrol and or detectives. Special Weapons and Tactics teams use verbal and physical tactics to resolve these incidents. SWAT personnel must gain control of the incident as quickly and efficiently as possible. From the first SWAT officer on scene to the final debrief, certain procedures should be followed.

Course Fee: $95 per student per day group special, minimum 10 students. 2-5 day course, range fee included
Private instruction $300 a day

All courses can be customized to meet any specialized needs of the student/Dept.

The course will include approx. 2 (8)-hour days of movement exercises incorporating course techniques in a realistic training environment.


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