Mounted Police Training/Operations

This training is for law enforcement organizations and responsible civilians that are interested in gaining knowledge and experience in the evaluation,  development and usage of horses in a law enforcement environment, with particular emphasis on basic, intermediate, and advanced horsemanship in conjunction with a tactical application.

Courses cover:

  • Basic/Intermediate/Advanced Horsemanship
  • Sensory Training
  • Squad Formations (Law Enforcement Only)
  • Crime Suppression (Law Enforcement Only)
  • Search and Rescue
  • Land Navigation
  • Equine First Aid in the Field
  • Equine Self-Defense
  • Horse Selection
  • Horse Evaluation

All course curriculum can be integrated to meet the customized needs of each student/Dept.

Clinic Fee: $80 per student per day group special, minimum 10 students. 2-5 day course
Private instruction: $200 a day





Land Navigation

BASIC COURSE – (8 hrs) In this course you will be introduced to topographic maps and how to read the terrain from them. You will then be introduced to the compass and how to use it with your map. The course will include both classroom and field work, culminating in a short compass course.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Read the legend and terrain features from a topographic map
  • Orient your map to the terrain
  • Measure distance on the map and the ground
  • Use a compass to plot a bearing on the map
  • Use a compass to shoot and walk an azimuth in the field
  • Use the UTM grid coordinate system to communicate location
  • How to use Magnetic Declination
  • Find yourself using Intersection and Resection

ADVANCED COURSE – (8 hrs) In this next course, we will apply map and compass skills to Search and Rescue operations. We will begin by reviewing your map skills in the classroom and then compass skills in the field. You will verify your pace count and your ability to declinate your compass. You will complete a compass only course, and then graduate to a true land navigation course using terrain features and a variety of field craft skills. Emphasis will be on communicating location between search and rescue teams for a coordinated search effort.

MOUNTED COURSE – (8 hrs) A variation of the advanced course for Mounted Unit Search and Rescue Teams with the same map and compass skill set learned, with the added field craft required for mounted operations

GPS COURSE – (8 hrs) You will need to have the skill set learned in the Basic Course to utilize your GPS in conjunction with a map and compass. The course will cover how the technology works, and it’s potential down side. You will learn to read the basic information from the GPS to include map information. You will learn to input information into the GPS and then use it to navigate in the field. The emphasis will be on how to use the GPS in conjunction with Search and Rescue operations.

SEARCH AND CAPTURE – (8 hrs) This course is designed for tactical operations in non-urban terrain, where land navigation and high risk tactics are required. Basic map and compass skills required. Basic Ranger Patrolling principals will be taught to include planning, route selection, terrain models, movement, reaction to contact, hasty ambush, and field craft.


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